Mondaine Swiss Watches

We are pleased to introduce the instantly recognisable Mondaine watch collection to Ireland.  Click the link below to view an online version of the 2022 catalogue and see the watches in finer detail.

This year we are faced with price increases from the Brands who have seen widespread increases for materials etc. The exchange rate has helped us in a very small way allowing us to limit any changes to our pricing and in the case of Mondaine the consumer isMondaine Watches getting an extensive selection of new environmentally focused new products for 2022. Mondaine have concentrated on sustainability for some years now and this year we see our grape leather straps made from waste by-product from the wine making industry, resulting in high quality material and giving vegan friendly straps on our Classic range of products. Ask your account manager to see the new strap, not only is it a great story for your consumers but it shows the huge advances which can be made when we focus on the environment.

Hard work by Mondaine during the past years have resulted in the factory being fully certified carbon neutral and they continue to make advances within the product range to offer your consumer a very credible sustainable product range.

History of Mondaine Watches

In 1986, the Mondaine watch company, owned by the Bernheim family, was inspired by the blueprint of the iconic patented design of the Railways Clock, and turned it into a watch collection -- with official license from the Federal Swiss Railways.

Since then they have created a full collection of watches inspired by the clock, in 1993 Mondaine won a DesignPlus Award. Today, it is widely considered to be one of the “10 Classic Swiss Watch Designs.” 

Excited to stock this iconic brand in Ireland?

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